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Our customers include the biggest names in their fields, and we think one market leader deserves another.

Welcome to Cleanline

Cleanline is the name of our highly customisable packing system. It presents our entire range of medical device cleaning, assembly, packing and sterilisation services, then gives customers the opportunity to pick & choose or mix & match whichever services they need for any given project.

The system allows for packages of services to be carefully tailored and updated according to variables like batch size, timescale, traceability, sterilisation method, shipping and overall budget. Whatever the project, the end result is always the same: real-world solutions, consistently high quality and maximised profitability for our customers.

Cleanroom services

Our cleanroom services combine all the specialist skills and state-of-the-art technologies you'd expect from a team whose customers include market-leading companies with high expectations. Our 3,700sq metre facility incorporates a cleanroom specified to operate at ISO Class 7 (10,000) level or higher. Within our cleanroom we have laminar flow booths for projects that demand even higher operating classifications, as well as separate zones for different types of work or product.

To help us maintain the high standards and superb levels of consistency our customers depend on, our own in-house testing lab is where we carry out off-line product testing including rigorous checks for seal strength, burst and dye penetration. Naturally, all our facilities are fully certified and our company is accredited to ISO 13485:2012. We are also a registered establishment with the US FDA.

Download ISO 13485 certificate (PDF, 0.1Mb)

What can we pack?

Cleanline is completely customisable, you can use all or part of the service tailored to your specific needs. At our medical packaging facility, we can pack almost any type of medical device including surgical instruments, single use instruments, orthopaedic implants, dressings, screws, drill bits, burrs, swabs, suction tubes, forceps and nippers. We can also assemble kits and procedure packs to your specification.

Find out more about the Cleanline process and how we might meet your specific requirements.

What types of packaging do we use?

We offer a wide range of packaging solutions including manual and semi-automatic packing into peel pouches, self seal sterilisation pouches, paper/paper packaging, paper film packaging, thermoformed packing into semi-rigid blister packaging and high speed 4-side-seal packaging.

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Our work conforms to: ISO Class 7 (incorporating Class 5 zones), ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008