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The Cleanline system allows for packages of services to be carefully tailored and updated according to the customers requirements.

Wash and disinfect

At our cutting-edge facilities we're able to undertake the washing and thermal disinfection of medical devices, including a final rinse cycle using reverse osmosis (RO) water. This fully automated and validated process is carried out in compliance with current HTM protocols (including HTM 2030 and 01-05), and in line with HTM 'best practice' guidelines. Disinfection via heat, coupled with a final rinse cycle, using RO water whose impurities, bacteria and endotoxins have all been eliminated in our own state-of-the-art water purification plant, ensures that the end result of our wash and disinfection process is devices with no trace of contaminants whatsoever.

To our knowledge, at the time of writing we're the UK's only sub-contract packer with the on-site facilities needed to achieve these standards.

Our work conforms to: ISO Class 7 (incorporating Class 5 zones), ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008